Update on Return to in person learning for Students

Cohort A – Face to Face on Monday – Remote Tuesday – Friday

Cohort B – Face to Face on Friday – Remote Monday – Thursday

Wednesday will continue as is: Remote only (no Zoom meets)

CECHS will return on October 19 on a hybrid Plan B. Group A students will attend for in-person instruction on Mondays and Group B students will attend for in-person instruction on Fridays.  All CECHS students will be remote learning on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Any student currently on 100% remote by choice will be placed on a waiting list to move to Plan B if requested due to space/social distancing issues. We will need to confirm that there is an available seat on the bus and in the classroom before we can allow the transition.  Any student enrolling from another school district, homeschool, charter school, or private school will be allowed to do so on 100% remote as long as they meet the criteria for enrollment (live in Camden County). If requested, these students will be placed on the waiting list to transition to Plan B due to space/social distancing issues. Transportation and other things will be ready by October 19.

A few things to keep in mind:

1 – Plan A is not a return to the way things were prior to COVID. There are still guidelines that must be followed.

2 – Face coverings are still required.

3 – Temperature checks and other screenings are still required.

4 – We will still have to follow the guidelines in the Strong Schools NC Public Health Toolkit

5 – We will have to stick firmly to the plan for utilizing a waiting list for students requesting to return for in-person instruction on Plan B from Plan C due to space and social distancing guidelines.