Canvas instructions for parents and students


Step One: Log-in to IAM/NCEDCloud account: or via the icon on their Chromebook for log-in.

Step Two: Once logged in, students will click on the red CANVAS icon to see their courses.

Step Three: Students will see a block icon for each of the courses they are enrolled in. Example: If a student is enrolled in English II, World History, Spanish I, and Math I, the student will see a different square for each course.

Step Four: Students will click on the course for which they want to view and complete assignments. Students should view “Modules” (located on the left side-bar) to see the links and instructions to their weekly lesson for EACH COURSE in which they are enrolled.

Step Five: Students will submit assignments for grading according to the individual teacher’s instructions that will be provided weekly via the “Modules” tab in Canvas.

Canvas information:

  • Check your courses EVERY DAY via the “Modules” section in each of your Canvas courses.
  • Assignments and lessons may consist of watching a video, participating in a Google Meet or Zoom, taking a quiz, or completing various projects. This information will be given to you via the “Modules” section in Canvas.